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Compliments & Complaints

Our business is committed to excellent client service and the resolution of any concerns or complaints quickly, fairly and efficiently. To ensure our process is compliant with ASIC requirements we use an Internal Dispute Resolution (IDR) process endorsed by relevant industry bodies including the Commercial Asset Finance Brokers Association (CAFBA).

• We welcome feed-back as a positive means of reviewing and improving our client services. All complainants will be treated with respect, courtesy and consideration.

• Our IDR method is open to anyone who deals with us: Clients, dealers, lenders, brokers, introducers, consultants, contractors or any other person.

• All our representatives are expected to inform complainants about our IDR/EDR processes as soon as they become aware of a concern, to give high priority to resolving complaints quickly and to assist any complainants through the process.

• The Responsible Manager will oversee complaints.

• Our IDR manual complies with ASIC requirements and details how we manage and report complaints.

• We are a member of the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA), Member No. 45264, the External Dispute Resolution (EDR) authority approved by ASIC. We accept EDR authorities’ decisions and implement their recommendations as soon as we are informed of them.

• The Responsible Manager holds information on complaint cases and any associated compliance breaches.

• We will report to ASIC annually any compliance breaches indicated through the complaints process and the policies and procedures subsequently implemented to ensure there is no re-occurrence.

At Chase Finance, we strive to build strong and lasting relationships with our valued clients. By listening to your feedback, not only can we address any immediate concerns you may have, but we can also continually improve our product and services.

We know there are times when you may wish to compliment us on something we have done well, and other times you may wish to tell us that we have not met your expectations

Our Broker representatives are always pleased to know that they have succeeded in making your experience with us a pleasant and positive one.

If one of our representatives has provided you with exceptional service in any way, please let us know using the details below, so that we can further encourage them through this feedback process.

If, for any reason, you do not feel that you have received the standard of care from us that you expect, we likewise encourage you to share this with us. We believe we have a process that makes it easy for you to let us know your concerns, and for them to be addressed quickly and fairly.

You can contact the Responsible Manager by either of the following methods;

Telephone: 08 8333 5111


Post: Chase Finance
PO Box 70

If you choose to contact us by mail or email, please make sure to provide us with as much detail as possible about your issue.

If you have lodged a complaint with us, you can contact us at any time to ask for an update on the status. Contact us through any of the methods listed above and be sure to refer to your earlier communication so that we can respond effectively.

We will try to deal with your complaint on the spot. However, if this is not possible, we will write to you to acknowledge your complaint within 5 days. We will ensure that we treat you fairly and will work to resolve your complaint as quickly as possible. In the rare event we are still investigating your complaint after 45 days we will write to you to explain why, and to let you know when we expect to complete our investigation. When we have completed our investigation, we will write to you and let you know of the outcome and the reasons for our decision.

We hope that you will be satisfied with how we deal with your complaint. However, if your concerns remain unresolved, or you have not heard from us within 45 days, then you can have your complaint heard by an independent ASIC approved external dispute resolution (EDR) ombudsman.

Our EDR provider is;

Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) Membership No 45264

You can contact AFCA by either of the following methods;

Telephone: 1800 931 678


Post: AFCA
GPO Box 3
Melbourne VIC 3001

External dispute resolution is a free service established to provide you with an independent mechanism to resolve specific disputes.


IDR Information
Chase Finance Pty Ltd A.C.N. 103 099 869
Chase Finance believes that it is essential for our clients to be able to identify and deal with an employee or a broker who has the ability, authority and proper training to hear and respond appropriately to any complaints or dispute. It is a requirement under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009 that we have in place an Internal Dispute Resolution procedure. “IDR”

Receiving Complaints
Complaints can be lodged by contacting the Complaints/Disputes manager at;
Responsible Manager – Complaints
Chase Finance Pty Ltd
PO Box 70


by speaking to any representative of our business who will refer complainants to the Complaints/Disputes Responsible Manager.

We adopt the definition of “‘complaint” in AS ISO 10002-2006, namely “an expression of dissatisfaction made to an organisation, related to its products or services, or the complaints handling process itself, where a response or resolution is explicitly or implicitly expected”.

This means that we will treat informal complaints seriously and refer them to IDR unless they are resolved by the end of the next business day.

Any complaint which is resolved to the client’s satisfaction by the end of the next business day (starting from when the complaint was received) will not require the full IDR process to be applied. There is no need to capture and record the complaint or respond as set out below.

Investigating Complaints
The Complaints/Disputes Responsible Manager will review the complaint carefully and promptly, taking such steps and reviewing such documents as a reasonable person would do.

Responding to complaints within appropriate time limits and referring unresolved Complaints to an EDR Ombudsman.

The Complaints/Dispute Responsible Manager will provide a written final response to the complainant within 45 days (21 days where the complaint relates to default), which states:

• the final outcome of the dispute at IDR

• the right to take their dispute to EDR (no matter what the result of the investigation was at IDR)

• the name and contact details of our EDR scheme.

If the Complaints/Dispute Responsible Manager is unable to give a final response within the specified period, the Complaints/Dispute Responsible Manager will, before the end of the period:

• inform the complainant of the reasons for the delay • advise the complainant of their right to complain to EDR

• provide the complainant with the name and contact details of our EDR scheme.

The NCC allows credit providers 21 days to consider hardship and postponement applications. At the end of that period, if there is no agreement, there will be no further time to handle the dispute at IDR, and the complainant must be referred to EDR.

When deciding about hardship or postponement applications, the Complaints/Dispute Responsible Manager will give EDR contact details when:

• advising whether the claim has been agreed to; or

• the notification of variation to the credit contract is given within 30 days after the variation is agreed.

The complainant can go direct to EDR regarding disputes involving hardship or postponement which also involve issues with default notices.

Legal Proceedings
Unless the statute of limitations is about to expire, legal proceedings will not be commenced or continued, nor will any other enforcement action be taken during the IDR period, and for at least 14 days from giving a final response.

Recording Complaints, Identifying & Recording Systemic Issues
We will record information in spreadsheet form, and this will be held within our internal directory: – Internal Dispute Resolution.

Internal structures and reporting requirements
The Complaints/Dispute Responsible Manager reports directly to the business owner. The Complaints Dispute Responsible Manager makes a report annually as a minimum. The Complaints/ Dispute Responsible Manager will ensure that these procedures are reviewed at least annually and a report on the review provided to the business owners.

Guiding Principles

• Visibility – We will take reasonable steps to ensure clients know about the existence of our IDR procedures and how to make a complaint or apply for hardship or postponement. This information will be readily available, not just at the time a client wishes to make a complaint or dispute. All staff who deal with clients, not just the staff that handle complaints or disputes, should understand our IDR procedures.

• Objectivity – We will address each complaint in an equitable and objective manner. Where possible, the complaint should be investigated by staff not involved in the subject matter of the complaint. • Charges – The IDR procedures are free of charge.

• Confidentiality – We will keep information confidential.

• Client focused approach – We will be helpful, friendly and communicate in plain English, showing our commitment to resolving the complaint.

• Commitment – We are actively committed to efficient complaint handling. Our Procedures are published on our website.

• Analysis and Evaluation of Complaints – All complaints will be classified and then analysed to identify systemic recurring and single incident problems and trends.

Visibility of our IDR Policy
Chase Finance will ensure that the IDR process is recorded on our Website. (

We will also ensure that any Credit Representatives (CR) either Corporate or Individual document and provide these details to their clients.
Their disclosure documents will be required to detail that they;

• Are an authorised Credit Representative of Chase Finance or an employee.

• That they abide by the Internal Dispute Resolution Procedures of Chase Finance.

• Chase Finance’s Australian Credit Licence (ACL) No is 385283.

• The Credit Representatives (CR) Number.

• The ACL’s EDR membership Number.

Receiving complaints
You can lodge complaints by contacting the representative acting for you or the Complaints/Dispute Responsible Manager by either of the following methods:

Telephone: 08 8333 5111


Post: Chase Finance
PO Box 70

You should observe the following principals in handling your complaint.

1. There is no requirement for face-to-face contact between you and us, although it may be useful to help us come to a satisfactory resolution;

2. We expect that both parties will make a genuine attempt to resolve a complaint promptly;

3. We expect that both parties will provide all essential and relevant information, i.e. documents, written statements and any other material that may properly and reasonably be believed to assist in resolving the complaint; and

4. We expect that both parties will comply with all reasonable requests for the other party to provide information within a reasonable time frame.

Our External Dispute Resolution Scheme (EDR)
If we do not reach agreement on your complaint, you may refer the complaint to an ASIC approved External Dispute Resolution (EDR) Scheme.

Our EDR provider is;

Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) Membership No 45264

You can contact AFCA by either of the following methods;

Telephone: 1800 931 678


Post: AFCA GPO Box 3 Melbourne VIC 3001

External dispute resolution is a free service established to provide you with an independent mechanism to resolve specific disputes.

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