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Residential Property Finance

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Residential Property Finance

Whether it is for your own home or for investment purposes Chase Finance have highly competitive finance loan products available to assist with the purchase of your property.

Residential Finance has a comprehensive range of loan facilities including; standard variable loans, fixed loans, line of credit loans and many others. Residential finance can sometimes be confusing, with our extensive knowledge in this area we will provide you with a finance specialist who will guide you through the process from start to finish.

Please contact Chase Finance on 1300 137 045 for a no-obligation consultation or click below to request a quote.

Standard Variable Loans

  • Interest rates can vary upwards and downwards based on the prevailing economic conditions throughout the term of the loan
  • Additional repayments can be made without penalty
  • May have an option to redraw

Fixed Loans

  • Interest rate is fixed for an agreed period
  • Repayments will not increase during the fixed period
  • Limited flexibility for contributing extra repayments during the fixed period
  • Financial penalties are usually incurred for changing from a fixed rate loan to a variable rate loan before the fixed term has expired

Low–Doc & No–Doc Loans

  • The loan is provided to the borrower with little or no documentation confirming income
  • It allows borrowers without a regular income stream to access loan funds
  • This is a very simple application process

Split Loan Facility

  • Allows borrower to have part of the loan at a variable interest rate and the loan balance at a fixed rate
  • May provide the opportunity of reducing risk in periods of rising interest rates
  • Provides a blend of repayment flexibility and interest rate security

Construction Loan

  • Short term loan (usually around a year) used to pay for the cost of building your new home
  • Payments are drawn down in stages as the build progresses, ‘progress payments’
  • At the end of the construction, an end loan will be needed to pay off the construction loan and you then enter into a typical mortgage option

Contact Chase Finance on 1300 137 045 and talk to one of our Residential finance specialists today for a no-obligation consultation or click below to request a quote.

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